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21 June 2012


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Is it better than the "Enola Holmes" series? Because for some reason I could never get into that.
Sidenote: I could also NEVER NEVER get into the creepy modern day Sherlock Holmes. It is just wrong. Like?


It's geared a bit older than Enola, and has a different vibe... I've only read the first Enola book, though. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, but I actually think I prefer Enola. But everyone's tastes are different! You could always get the first one of these from the library and see what you think -- now I'm curious to see what your reaction would be. :)

Do you mean the BBC show Sherlock? Because I loveloveLOVE that version of Holmes.


Yep, that's the one I mean (BBC) -- with the curly haired dude playing Sherlock. I don't like it. Sherlock Holmes with iPhones, etc. just doesn't do it for me.

Maybe I will have to look into Enola again.



Shocking! I love Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock, but I love Martin Freeman's Watson even more. *swoon*



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