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31 July 2012


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I'm one of those who struggled with the dialect; that's always been a problem for me, as a reader. As for the [spoilers]: I ended up being quite fascinated by John Bloyvan and wanted to know more about him, but, alas, given Willo's limited knowledge don't get that. It seems that some of the puzzle pieces don't quite fit together in a satisfactory way, but I don't want to get to spoilery. Willo's decision makes sense to me, because I think Bloyvan's followers mistook metaphor for literal, except, how long can Willo live the way he wants to?

And what are your thoughts on the prequel?


I haven't read the prequel yet, though I'm planning on it.

As for the puzzle pieces: without getting spoilery either, I agree that that aspect of the book wasn't entirely satisfying for me. Basically, I loved Willo's voice, but had problems with the plotting.

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