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18 August 2012


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Auntie M.

I didn't read Wait Till Helen Comes until I was in my forties and it scared the pants off me.


I get the tongue in cheek thing (mortgages! wills! grow up stuff!) but I'd like to see a list of kids' books that are really scary for grown ups: like The Westing Game-- your younger daughter knows you don't like her very much and your snobbery and control issues have driven the kid you DO like into a nervous breakdown. Now THAT'S scary. And you coul do one of those for every one of the cast in the Westing Game.

Also: The Witches gave me nightmares and shoe issues for years.

Wendi Gratz

Ha! Wait 'til Helen Comes was our most recent family read-aloud. We all LOVED it. Now we need to put that Dollhouse Murders on the list. I think I already have it, but have never read it.


I *love* Wait Till Helen Comes. Wicked scary, what with the daughter being possessed and all...


Coraline is indeed scary! Neil Gaiman once said that little girls love it and older girls (ie adults) have nightmares from it.
Lord of the Flies is NOT a children's book.
Were the rationales supposed to be not that serious? Because the thing about the Witches that is disturbing is that the obnoxious little boy's parents have him drowned after he was turned into a mouse.
Wait Till Helen Comes scared me to pieces as a kid, as did the Doll House Murders. Christina's Ghost was also quite scary, and parts of the books Ghost in the Third Row, the Ghost Wore Grey and the Ghost in the Brass Bed were also really scary.
I've never read Watcher in the Woods, but the movie caused me to have trouble sleeping many, many times!


They have a point with Wait Til Helen Comes and The Dollhouse Murders. Those books terrified me as a child and I'm not about to reread them as an adult. And, yes, Coraline is frightening. I had to read it for a class for my Master's program and I'm surprised it didn't give me nightmares.

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