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14 August 2012


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Oh man, you weren't kidding. Why am I so broke?


I'm pretty sure it was written specifically for you.

Maureen E

I KNOW, RIGHT. I was not at all sure I would like it and then I luuuurved it. Amazingly smart and touching; makes adult thrillers look stupid and boring. <3

Diana Peterfreund

I'm here to second/third/fourth the squee. I loved this book so much I bought it from the UK so I could read it early and then from the US. (and it looks like a photo to me! The UK cover is illustrated).

I am totally up for a Wasserman squeefest... whenever. I tell her I'm the president of the fan club.


Oh, funny about the covers! See, to me, this cover art looks like a close-up of one of Brett Helquist's covers. (Agreed that the UK cover is boss, though.)

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