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27 August 2012


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Angela H.

Read your review and Kirkus and thought it was great. I am about half-way into The Blood Keeper right now and I had to take a break for emotional reasons because I was crying ALL THE TEARS and I'm only on page 216. I expect more to come....


Oh, WOW. On the one hand, I'm sorry that you're crying, but on the other, I'm glad to hear that someone else is having the same response. :(

Angela H.

Hah, I'm not sorry that I cried because it was deserving. (It was that scene with the grove and the old fox and my transcendentalist-loving self just couldn't stop the big tears.) I'm glad, too, to know that someone else (i.e., you) had such a strong response to it. :)

Angela H.

P.S. And I just realized that I used "transcendentalist" unclearly. I meant it felt like some deep nature moment from Thoreau's WALDEN or something like that where everything seems connected, etc.


Oh, that scene made me BAWL.

Also, all of the scenes with the crows. (You know me and animals...)

Angela H.

I'm about to start back into the book after having to take a two-day reading break due to school. I expect the tears to commence again soon....

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