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20 August 2012


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You really need to read Austenland? Or the new one, Midnight in...? I'd like to hear another's opinion on Austenland. I went in liking the concept, but ended up disliking the book. For me, total Meh.


Austenland, I've read -- and I was a fan, actually, though you aren't the only one I know who wasn't -- but it's Midnight in Austenland that I need to read.

Kate F

Midnight in Austenland is great--it's a mystery and it's a hoot. I liked Austenland but I spent the 2nd half of MiA chortling with glee.

Brooke Shirts

Yeah, I thought the first Austenland was also somewhat meh (although I think it will make a fun movie), but Midnight in Austenland was pretty darn cute.

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