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05 November 2012


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Wait wait wait...sexual identity is a topic of the book? Is that what the "share a special friendship" and "will learn the most important truths about themselves" in the blurb refer to?


Are you cool with spoilers?

If so, SPOILER: Yes. I mean, that's a part of it. Dante is pretty open/comfortable about/with his sexuality early on, and his feelings for Ari definitely are a conflict between the two of them... DOUBLE MEGA REALLY TOWARDS THE END OF THE BOOK SPOILER... but it turns out, ultimately, that Ari loves Dante, too: it's just that it takes him a lot longer to admit that to himself and then to the world.


I also loved this book! I gave it to a couple fellow librarian friends to read and they did not share my passion for it. I was really happy to see your review, and how well you captured Aristotle and Dante.

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