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16 November 2012


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Maureen E

I just wanted to say that I'm REALLY enjoying your recaps. :)


When you're finished, you might want to check out Peter Carey's take-- I want to say it's called *Magwitch* (vel sim.). I read GE and the Carey right after onerous another, totally serendipitously and enjoyed the interplay.

I'm digging the highlights too, because when I'm actually reading Dickens I end up hating half of it exactly as much as I'm loving the other half.

Jessica Silverstein

I'm loving your recaps--I actually did the exact same thing over the summer, but with a slightly different angle. I had four students (HS juniors, total rockstars) who wanted to give Dickens a try during summer break. So my notes are geared toward getting them engaged and also giving them background info/vocab I thought they'd need (and/or vocab that was interesting/possibly on the SAT) but I did come across some interesting historical stuff. The first blog post is here: http://greatexpectationsreadalong.blogspot.com/2012/07/introduction-and-chapter-one.html

Sarah Rettger

I'm in, with the first three chapters posted. Now I'm wondering why, when I was in high school, no one bothered to point out all the humor. It's not exactly hidden.

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