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29 November 2012


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Jackie Parker

Tar water? How would you confuse the two? What is it? I'm imagining either the stuff you spit out while chewing (which isn't terribly clear) or... something to do with paving/roofing... which eludes me. ugh.


Tar water comes up in chapter two. I got the impression that it was super-unpleasant, and used like cod-liver oil, in that Mrs. Joe doses Joe and Pip with it, post-eating?

Oh, wait, I looked it up. Gross.

Auntie M.

I can't wait until you get to Nicholas Nickleby.

Auntie M.

Around to reading Nicholas Nickleby, that is. He doesn't show up in this one.


Heh. I assumed.

Sarah Rettger

Is Mr. Wopsle not one of the great Dickensian names? It's almost too bad he doesn't have a bigger role. Except then we'd have to listen to him more.


"A little curly sharp-edged person" perfectly describes one of my co-workers. Totally stealing it.


I LOVE Joe and the gravy. And the tar water!

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