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11 December 2012


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ooh, now i wanna read it. but i don't wanna PAY for it! not even for $1.99.


Hmm, thanks for the heads up. I'm buying it anyway since it's one I don't have, but I'll be going in with my eyes open!


The rest of Grand Sophy is a delightful frothy mix; it's one of the best Heyers, except for the scene with the moneylender. I deal with it by refusing to believe that Goldhanger is Jewish.

It's also a case where the author is uglier than the characters -- Sophy deals with the guy as a shady moneylender, not as the avatar of a despised race. It's Heyer who gets all sputtery and icky. For me this means that the scene doesn't stain the rest of the book (it detracts from an admiration of Heyer, but that covers all her works, not this one particularly).

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