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16 January 2013


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"Though why a school would be named for Shelley, yet have a Poe icon as a team name, I dunno." Hah! I thought the same thing. I've been putting off posting a review for this one because I had a similar reaction. I never enjoy the negative reviews -- especially when they're for an advance copy. :(


Oddly enough, I'm really glad to hear that you had a hard time with this one as well -- I've been sitting on the review for a while, wondering if I was just being massively cranky, but it looks like that wasn't the case! (Well, either that or we're BOTH massively cranky!)

Christa (More Than Just Magic)

Hmmmm. As someone who didn't really enjoy Twilight and HATED the dynamics of Bella and Edwards relationship I have a feeling I wouldn't enjoy this one either. Thanks for the honest review!

Jennifer Powers

Now, as much as I love your snark, please be aware that not all Twilight fans are idiots. Maybe not even most of them. I understand why you don't like the books/movies, but I thought the books were very entertaining, though not particularly well-written. And I have an MLIS! But this book definitely sounds too ridiculous for me to consider reading, unless it's used for a drinking game.

Thanks. Mini-rant over.


Broken shares so many similarities with Twilight, in terms of plot, character, and style, that I felt it would appeal most to those who wholeheartedly, unabashedly love it—not 'love it despite the flaws' but love it, period—while it's likely to drive non-fans bananas because it shares so many of the same elements that critics of the series so often complain about. That's really all I meant.

I really am sorry if I gave the impression that I think that all Twilight fans are idiots; I really don't. More than that, I try to avoid making sweeping generalizations in general, so again, I'm sorry that I came off like that here.


This is a perfect example of why critical book reviews are So Much Fun! Much more entertaining to read (and write) than gushy ones, in my experience.

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