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29 January 2013


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Danielle B

I've never heard of Gaudy Night, and it looks like it's part of a series... can I read it as a standalone?


It *is* part of a series, and while it's *technically* possible to read it before the others (I think I did, actually), do be aware that it features the culmination of a long-time-coming romance. I mean, it killed me as is, even without the background of the other books (which I promptly went back and read), but other Sayers fans might strongly disagree with me.


Which is SUCH an unhelpful answer. Sigh.

Jessica Silverstein

I realized I owe you an overdue thanks for featuring so many Kindle Daily Deals that I finally figured out how to subscribe to Amazon's email about them. (I'm absolutely in denial that if I spend $2 on a book every few days it starts to add up to real money, and also about the fact that I cannot POSSIBLY read all the books on my Kindle now!)

Danielle B

Ha, thanks for the unhelpful answer, although it does help a little. I think I'll take my chances, buy this one, and buy the first one and hope I like them! And I second what Jessica said...thank you so much for featuring the Kindle deals. I also am in denial that $2 books add up to any substantial cost...


I'm so relieved that other people are in denial about the $2 thing!


Danielle B: I also read the Sayers Wimsey books out of order, but I started with Murder Must Advertise, which has no Harriet Vane in it (except for a single line) and then went back to the beginning.
There are 2 things to consider 1) The first Wimsey books are much slighter than the later ones (so: Whose Body?, the first one is not totally representative) 2) there are a lot fewer Wimsey/Vane books.

If you wanted to go in order without committing to all of them, it goes:

Strong Poison
Have His Carcass
Gaudy Night
(Busman's Honeymoon)

And that will give you the full arc of the romance. The rest of them are pretty stand-alone, I think.


I think I read Gaudy Night first, then Murder Must Advertise, then went back and read everything.

Except for the short stories, which I still refuse to read because I don't want to Run Out.


Also, Downton fans, take note.

Danielle B

Perfect, thank you for the game plan CC!

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