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29 January 2013


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The One and Only Ivan was so wonderful and only a bit sniffly with one or two tears at the very end (happy tears though). Also, I read it at the public library, so maybe there would have been more if not in public.

I'd recommend it for the voice alone, such a great voice.


I read Ivan last night. There was definitely crying, but nothing like some of the worst Cybils offenders.

I'm not sure I'd call them happy tears, but maybe bittersweet ones.

But I would agree with CC's comment about Ivan's voice. So ... distinguished.


I'm not seeing the plagiarism that Wendy Darling is complaining about. Can you help me out?

To me, "plagiarism" implies the borrowing of something much more substantive than the things WD is discussing.


@Hope: That's not one I have looked into too closely yet -- I just included the link as I'd seen a rash of similar complaints recently and I didn't want to lose track of it. (Despite my best efforts, I never seem to have less than fifteen tabs open at a time... hence the occasional round-ups. :P) I shall have to investigate soon!


What? You haven't looked into it? Just exactly WHERE ARE YOU PRIORITIES?

If you do find something you want to explain to this bear of little brains, I'll be right here, but I dunno. There's something a little snake-pitty about GoodReads these days and if I'm not willing to wade into it, I don't know why I'd expect you to.

Miss Corene

Dude, you have made the right choice. Being a good little Children's Librarian, I immediately picked up The One and Only Ivan to read after the award announcements...

And cried so hard my nose was bled.


@Hope: I do love you.

@Miss Corene: AHA. Thanks for backing my play!




I loved Ivan so much but it definitely made me sob. I'm a soft touch for animal stories so...or maybe I'm just a baby! Definitely read it but with a box of Kleenex handy.

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