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26 January 2013


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Wow. No idea those existed. That looks like the same guy from the cover of Dungeon of Dread though.


How long was the set-up? TSR often has like fifteen pages of story before the first decision point, which makes the joke too slow. But a good dramatic reading with careful editing will fix that.


@Chrissy: There's only six books in the series, and I suspect that Josh is already stalking the others on eBay...

@Beth: The set-up TOTALLY went on and on and on -- I definitely did a lot of editing while doing my dramatic reading!


OMG. I checked this book out a zillion times from the public library when I was a kid. No memory of the story but I frickin loved that cover.


Apparently you aren't alone in that: now that Josh is stalking them on eBay, we've realized that they're somewhat collectible -- they're going for $15-20 each!


Strike that: the HeartQuest books are going for $5ish, and the EndlessQuest ones are going for $15-20.

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