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10 January 2013


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Professor Mortis

Sundays at 8, eh? I've never watched it either...but I wonder if I can get the Baroness to sign on to losing me Sunday at 8. She certainly would want to murder me if we watched together and I was on my phone tweeting the whole time. :)


ooooooooooooooo. Just saw it for the first time a few years ago. I now understand so many references! Can't do it this Sunday, but will try to join you next week!


@PM: I think I get away with Tweeting while watching stuff because I quote Josh on occasion. :D Anway, I continue to be shocked that you, of all people, have never watched it -- even if you don't do the twitter group-thing, you really ought to. (OH! And you could use the day of Laura Palmer's death for a movie of the day post! Wheeeeeeeeee!)


Now this is something I think I can watch! And I've been wanting to - I think I was in college when it came out (we didn't have tvs).

Professor Mortis

I'll see if I can con BVH into committing to this. :)


I started watching this last year and somehow never finished - and now it's been long enough that I think I'd need to start over (even though my husband might kill me - he didn't get the appeal at all). I might need to join you!


I still have nightmares about that finale. I can't even handle Bob.

Kim C.

I can't wait!!

Christa (More Than Just Magic)

I've just watched this for the first time the last month or so. I've only got 3 episodes left but I've really enjoyed it. Agent Dale Cooper is my spirit animal

Jackie Parker

I watched the pilot. I was not inspired to watch more.


*clutches pearls*


"Agent Dale Cooper is my spirit animal" - love this.

I missed the twitter action, since I didn't have a chance to watch it until 8pm Pacific, but my husband predictably rolled his eyes and I think I'm hooked again. I forgot how much is introduced in the pilot!


The same thing happened to me: Josh and I totally watched the second episode right after finishing the pilot! (We'll rewatch on Sunday, though!)

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