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05 February 2013


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Paige Y.

I once had a teacher challenge one of the books in my library. It was called The Period Book -- I guess middle school students shouldn't learn about their bodies as they are changing. Because it was a colleague, I took it personally -- she was questioning my judgement as to what went in my classroom (because the library is my classroom).


I'd like to challenge my copy of The Popularity Papers for falling apart during it's first checkout...but otherwise, great book!

Some people. Depicting reality is not promoting an agenda.


@Paige: Yeah, that was an aspect of the story that occurred to me when I read the news article -- that a challenge originating from within the school itself must cause so much tension in the ranks. And I can totally see why you'd take it personally, and that it would be hard (for me, at least!) to separate the personal/professional in that case. YUCK!

@Robin: ARG! When I was still at the public library, we had SO much trouble with the adult hardback bestsellers. They fell apart after, like, five checkouts!

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