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12 February 2013


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EEK! The Woman in Black in any medium scares me. I saw the play in London and it freaked me out. Then I read the book and scared myself and I had to fast forward half of Harry Potter Meets the Woman in Black too. Maybe I'm just a big wuss though ;) You would think that they'd at least partner with Susan Hill though. It can't be out of copyright (right?) so hopefully they have to pay her for using her idea at least.


As she's in favor of the idea, I'm guessing that she must be getting some sort of financial compensation! One would hope, anyway! :)


And I've heard such mixed reviews of Harry Potter Meets the Woman in Black! I'll have to add it to my Netflix queue so I can decide for myself!


I love "Librarian problems". Similar to that, but school library related, is Hey Book Teacher http://heybookteacher.tumblr.com/


Well THAT one is going not only in my feed reader, but into my next round up! Thanks! :D


I wish I couldn't relate to so many of the posts in Library Problems, but they are still good for a laugh.

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