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05 February 2013


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I love the NYT story--it has a really good point. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who had a baby come down with croup and promptly thought of ipecac (or worse yet, burning sulfur!). I actually asked my 12yo daughter what she would think if she had a kid who came down with scarlet fever, and she promptly said "Do people still go blind from that?"


Right? I'd love to read a whole list of False Information Found In Classic Literature. :D


Oh, yeah! Dorothy Sayers, I love her, but she has a lot to answer for. I totally believed that a syringe of air would kill you (or wait, that WAS Sayers right?). I also wondered very seriously whether a person whose organs are reversed has to be a twin.


Yes! Unnatural Death, I think!

The organ reversal thing sounds so familiar, but I can't place it... oh, I just Googled it! Looks like it was in a Sayers short story? I haven't read any of those yet, drat it.

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