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06 February 2013


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Professor Mortis

Rose Tyler's less famous sister is Anne of Green Gables...


I just read "slideshow" as "sideshow." Seems an apt mistake.


Anne of Peyton Place?


@Prof Mortis: I think she looks like Michelle Williams. Minus the ridiculous pose, I mean.

@Tamson: INDEED.

@Tanita: Anne of... I got nothing. I can't think of any sexy farms.


Oh yes, it is painful. Just painful. But I will have to be at least a little happy to see it in the store, IF I see it there, because when I was working at B&N we only ever had book one and MAYBE book two. I ordered the full set for someone once and it was a giant pain in the butt. So I guess I'd rather see it easily available with s stupid, stupid cover than not available in the store at all. Sigh.


I...just...is she some sort of pin-up girl? "Let's find out if we're kindred spirits, knowwhatImean? Peyton Place is right!


That must not be Anne. Josie Pye, maybe, or probably one of the Sloane girls.


Everything about that cover is wrong. Pose, clothes, hair. Good grief.


@OKP: *snicker*

@Margaret: I *love* the idea of her as a modern-era Josie Pye. LOVE IT.

@Emily: WORD.

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