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26 March 2013


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ARMAGEDDON SUMMER by Jane Yolen & Bruce Coville. Two teens whose families are part of an end of world cult.

Part of the plot of Libba Bray's THE DIVINERS featured a cult.

THE BOOK OF FRED by Abby Bardi is about a girl who has been raised in a cult and is now living in foster care and has a bit of adjusting to do.

THE CHOSEN ONE by Carol Lynch Williams is about a cult (it appears to be based on fundamentalist LDS, but that is never mentioned)

THE PATRON SAINT OF BUTTERFLIES; girls are in a commune that is sort of cult like/guarded


Here's one (YA) that I read and liked:

The Right and the Real by by Joelle Anthony. Homeless after her father kicks her out for refusing to join a cult, seventeen-year-old Jamie must find a way to survive on her own. Jamie is an awesome young lady. I found this book from the funny ladies at Forever Young Adult. For their inimitable review and to find out more about this book than my pathetic one sentence summary: http://foreveryoungadult.com/2012/06/05/real-or-not-real-cults-are-cray/.


oh, I'd also count MADAPPLE


Sister Wives & Keep Sweet are two other ones (I was going to mention the Anthony title but I was beat!)


This is ooooold but as a teen I read The Mountain Of Truth by Dale Carlson which is basically about a bunch of teens forming a cult during summer camp in Tibet. I haven't reread it in years but it was one of those hippy 70s types of books.


Let's see: I read Patron Saint, but I don't think I ever wrote about it. Isn't there a bit where she has Funyuns (or something similar) for the first time?

Oh, I'd forgotten about Madapple, I really liked that one.

I didn't read Chosen One, but I did read Sister Wife, which I think came out around the same time? I feel like there were a bunch of polygamy books that came out at once.

I've heard of The Right and Real but haven't read it, I'll have to add it to my list!

I love you guys.


Also, I can't believe I still haven't read The Diviners.


As a sidenote, the author of The Patron Saint of Butterflies drew upon her personal experience being raised in a religious cult environment. I'm not sure if there's a direct correlation, but I really appreciated the nuances of her characters; there were a lot of gray areas in that book.

Jenn Still-Schiff

I'd add "Leaving Fishers" by Margaret Peterson Haddix which tells of a teen getting drawn into a cult gradually and then realizing they are taking over her life.


@dotdotdot: Yes! The more I think about that one, the more it's coming back to me. I should re-read it, especially since I never wrote about it.

@Jenn: There's such a backlog of Haddix that I need to read. :D


The Gift of Sarah Baker, by Jane Yolen, is about the Shakers, but (and it's been a few years since I read it) it seemed almost cult-like.


Chosen One. SO good.

Bethany Hagen

Gated by Amy Parker! I just went on a retreat with her and she was lovely, plus she told me all sorts of terrifying facts about serial killers and stalkers, so I couldn't sleep a wink the whole time :)


@Bethany: I shall look it up!

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