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03 March 2013


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Yay, Elizabeth Peters week! I actually just read this one a few months ago. and the penny finally dropped about the site of Albert's murder--Ngaio Marsh used it too, in "When in Rome." I found pictures online and everything! Check out their website.

Jacqueline is my favorite Peters heroine, but that might be because I'm a librarian too. I love what she says in the Richard III book: "I know a little bit, but not enough, about everything...I'm a librarian, remember?"


Ack, I got the coding wrong and can't edit. The link is to the basilica where Albert's murder takes place.


I fixed it! Thanks for the the link, and that's so cool that Ngaio Marsh used the same site in one of her books. I haven't read her in forever, I should revisit soon. :)

Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll)

I enjoyed your review and liked your discussion about the interesting structure of the book -- so I linked to your review from mine. Thanks!

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