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21 May 2013


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molly @ wrapped up in books

Thanks for the fair and balanced review. I haven't had a chance to read this, but this gives me a great break down of what type of readers might like it.


I liked this book well enough-I remember the very ending reminding me a lot of The Hunger Games (in a good way) and I'm curious enough to be picking up Phoenix as well.


@Bookworm1858: YES. The 'THEY CAN'T TAKE US BOTH DOWN' argument also TOTALLY reminded me of The Hunger Games -- and Purian Rose was very President Snow-ish (but with a bonus messiah action!) -- but I didn't bring it up in the post because it seemed too spoiler-y.

SO glad you mentioned it, because I was kind of wondering if I was imagining things. :)


I liked Legend and The Immortal Rules so this might be a good one for me. Will keep my expectations in check though

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