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07 September 2013


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I loved Bliss! I read it before I read any other Lauren Myracle book, so I had the opposite reaction, like, "Oh some sweet books from the author of Bliss." I pushed HARD for my library to buy the book (I hadn't officially joined the teen staff at that point but I kept giving the teen librarian reviews that I thought were good). I didn't see it circulate much. It was EXCELLENT though.


I think this was maybe my first Myracle book too. Also I really enjoyed it, but it always weirded me out just a tad because that picture on the front looks ALMOST IDENTICAL to what my mom looked like around that time period.

Jennifer Hubert Swan

MY FAVORITE TOO!! So boss!!http://www.readingrants.org/2008/06/30/bliss-by-lauren-myracle/


@JHS: I'm starting to think it might be time for another Recommend Books That Deserved More of a Splash Week.

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