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24 September 2013


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The Plotinus Ability? For serious?


Yeah, all the way through, I was all, "Will CC love this book? Or want to punch it in the face?" For this non-Classics scholar, anyway, it was bananas-style, frothy fun.


I'm just... I mean... I've *read* Plotinus, and I am just totally gobsmacked. I mean, is it the ability to serve as a philosophical branch between Greek philosophy in the tradition of the Academic school and eary Christian theologians?

I will certainly have to read the book, if only for the WTF factor.


Heh. Erm, no. It's the ability to swap bodies, a la Freaky Friday.

Nice guess, though. :D

OH. I don't remember if I mentioned it in the column, but he's an actual character in the book.

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