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06 December 2013


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Apparently I'm watching the wrong comic book show!


Well, don't get me wrong: it's kind of terrible. But it revels in its terribleness, which somehow makes it weirdly endearing. At the very least, it always gets SOME sort of reaction out of me, which is WAY more than I can say about AoS, which, thus far, has been supremely 'meh' for me.


You are not alone in being underwhelmed by SHIELD. But we don't watch Arrow, so I can't speak to comparisons.


It's... so dumb. But, like I said, at least it's not 'meh'. And since I go into each episode expecting to want to throw things, I'm always pleasantly surprised when something awesome happens.


...which I realize is a hella low bar.


I've seen three episodes of AoS and none of Arrow, but I might have to investigate further.

This from the article totally cracked me up:

"The show also gets the most out of another nearby resource: Stephen Amell's torso. "

I could have guessed that from the photo....


Heh. I debated mentioning all of the shirtlessness (which is also a draw on Hart of Dixie, what with Hot Neighbor Wade's inability to stay clothed for more than ten minutes at a go), but I figured that the picture kind of said it all. :D

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