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10 December 2013


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Now I need to know about this closing keynote BEA thing. Got a link? A video? Enquiring minds want to know!

I have yet to see a copy of The Screaming Staircase, but I'll be sure to track down a copy soon.


I talked about it a bit in my post about that BEA Bloggercon thing. And @catagator live-tweeted the whole thing. (<--The tweets about the keynote start with "The closing key note begins with an ad for the speaker's book. I'm unimpressed." and end with "What a disappointing conference. I didn't even get my free lunch." It was abysmal.


Thanks for the info. Now I feel informed. :)


Anytime! :D


I found it on youtube. She hasn't started talking about books yet, she's going on about hacker culture and startups, and I hate her, which I feel kind of bad about because dude, I spent the years 1992-2000 in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley in the middle of the dot-com boom and my husband is a computer geek and I should feel like I understand her, but I just hate her. I feel weird now. And she isn't even talking about books yet. Does she ever talk about books?


OH. MY. GOD. So you mean I could RELIVE IT??

That kind of makes me want to cry, honestly.

And, no. If I remember correctly, the only part of the keynote in which she talked about books... was when she plugged her own. I had so many issues. I felt it was annoying that she did one of those Top Ten Lists, and it was mostly just making fun of people: like cat ladies (HELLO, KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE), and people who watch tv shows years after they air (HELLO, STREAMING HAS CHANGED THE WAY PEOPLE WATCH TV). She just came off as... well, not someone that I would want to spend any amount of time with, ever.


The last time I went to a keynote my colleague had to physically restrain me from getting up and stomping out of the room (the time before that I wanted to boo the speaker but she wouldn't let me. spoilsport) I don't go to keynotes anymore - they invariably suck. I consider those "researching strange towns for shops that sell interesting fudge" times.

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