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19 December 2013


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When I saw it opening weekend, there was a boom mic dipping into one long shot CONSTANTLY. It's been removed every time I've seen it since, but it was definitely there on the print I saw the first time around. Really very distracting.


Ahahahahaha. Excellent.

However, as you said "every time I've seen it since" I'm wondering just how many times you've watched it... O.o


Two or three. Maybe four or five.

I don't share your opinion about it sucking. I did hate those boom mics though. And apparently (I never tried before) "The Village boom mic" is searched enough that it autofills in Google.

I also figured out "the twist" in literally the first shot, but only because by that point he was known for his twist endings so I was hyper aware.

But overall I actually like it.


Oh, my issues with it are purely based around the Haddix stuff, because it really is EXACTLY the same story. And so I can't separate my annoyance about that from the movie, if that makes sense.

Also, I suffer from that same hyper-awareness in re: the twists, so I can never just settle in. Which adversely affects my viewing experience.


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