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08 December 2013


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Hi there - I'm Ian Shepherd, one of the co-founders of www.thebookseekers.com. Firstly, thanks for taking a look at the site and for your feedback. I'm not sure what you did to get those recommendations but we've added some additional content in the meantime. The intention of the site is not so much to produce 'one size fits all' algorithmic recommendations but instead to create 'trails' through interlinked collections that people can explore in whatever way they want. The site therefore gets richer the more collections we crowdsource and the more books are in there. I've added Howl (great book, btw) to a couple of collections but feel free to dive in and do the same - the more contributions, the richer the outcome for everyone!


Hi, Ian.

To get those results, I used the 'Find a Similar Book' function.

Anyway, it sounds to me--from your comment here and from the site itself--that you're shooting for a GoodReads-for-the-younger-set, in that it will get bigger and stronger with user-generated content, but will also feature curated lists, etc., from the folks behind the site?


That's exactly right, though we are aiming for a more specific kids' book experience than the big GR - we allow you to keep wishlists separately for different kids, for example, and have a whole 'learning to read' section. But you are right that the more people who get involved the better. We'd love you to kick around the site some more and let us (and your readers) know what you think.

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