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09 December 2013


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Don't worry, it's gone sometime in the first episode. I haven't been like vehemently following #Setlock stuff but I HAVE seen enough pictures from the first ep to be sure of that.

I've wondered what kind of weird fangirl am I that I don't particularly care one way or the other about the mustache? The last trailer, everyone was just mustache-mustache-mustache everything and all I wanted to do was say "Would you guys just look PAST the mustache for a moment to appreciate his brilliant acting? LOOK! LOOK AT HIS EYES! He is conveying about twenty complex emotions at once WITH JUST HIS EYES and all anyone will talk about is the mustache!" Maybe I'm just irrationally defensive of my Imaginary Husband's honor. Also, I'd still kiss him with the mustache.


So, do you think it was a Grief Moustache? Or just there to show the passage of time.

I think we've talked about this before, but I'm also a Freeman girl. Like, I LOVE HIM. A LOT. Way back when, he was my favorite part of Love, Actually, and obviously I never thought that Jim Halpert ever came close to being as lovely as Tim Canterbury. He just exudes warmth.

So even though we're rivals for his affection, it's nice to know that there are others out there who prefer his quiet, steady self to the Bandersnatch's more flashy antics. <3


I saw someone comment that "the mustache hides the incessant trembling of his upper lip"... which, yeah, could be!

Oh, I haven't been able to WATCH the US Office since seeing the UK one, because I sit there the whole time gritting my teeth and glaring at Jim for being WRONG!

Yeah, it's sometimes hard to hear us sensible types over the shrieking of the Cumberb!tches!

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