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09 December 2013


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FYI - I think the link goes to the 2012 list.

And I can't believe they didn't mention the Goodreads kerfuffle on censorship, with reviews/shelves mentioning author behavior being removed. That's actually the only one I remember hearing about.

Oh, and there was a John Green comment on Allegiant, too.


The first link goes to the 2013 list, the second to the 2012 list.

Oh, my, though, I had not seen the John Green/Allegiant stuff! (<--I linked to one post that approved and one that did not.)

And, yeah, the GoodReads stuff is coming back to me now, but GoodReads is always such a hotbed of drama that I can't keep track of the whens/whats/whos. :P


Ahhhhh. That was poor reading comprehension on my part :) Thanks for clarifying!

I am sadly behind the times and don't have a Twitter account, but a few friends alerted me to that, and they were all Not Happy.


We don't brawl much, and it's a bit sad. I am thinking of starting something in 2014 though (also gender related). We could form a gang!

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