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11 December 2013


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I'm not even a librarian, and this sounds like a crap idea.

If they do this, they run the risk of ending up like Glasgow's libraries, some (many?) of which are staffed by... people in need of jobs, who may or may not be into books. They're Council hired positions, have good job security, and ... well, that's it, really. Nothing about library science included. And, okay, yeah, I get it - they have a different system over there, but I really think their libraries do books and reading a disservice. They're set up more like bookstores or grocery store check-outs with fifteen copies of the latest bodice-ripper and Clive Cuessler bestseller right by the doors, so you can miss them... and most people don't go in any further, never utilize the services, and ... yeah. Libraries are just for leisure, something which can be cut from the budget, if it's too much, because they're not necessary, and only for "fun."

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