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09 January 2014


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... Mary Anne is over here literally looking like one of those creepy child mannequins in J.C. Penneys."

*weeps with laughter*

Thank you. I wasn't working anyway.


I love that the link mentions Janine's note on the apostrophe-that was the first thing I thought of when I read your comment (as a long-time huge fan of the series!)


@tanita: Yeah, I had to close out the tab because I COULDN'T LOOK AWAY! I'm done my work now, though, so I can read the whole thing!

@Bookworm1858: Ha! Excellent timing, I just posted my second addendum.


Most excellent! I've been wondering about that apostrophe (or lack thereof) myself. Thank you for clearing that up; that's awesome!

Also--I have a very fledgling book review+ blog; do you mind if I link back to this post?


I don't mind at all, Marie: link away!

Also, welcome to the blogosphere! :)

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