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03 January 2014


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This came out right as I became a YA librarian, and I've always had a soft spot for Ellen Wittlinger since then. Also the Andersons (Laurie Halse and M.T.), Nancy Werlin and Marsha Qualey. Oh, and Rob Thomas. YA literature's loss was TV's gain, but still....


This is one of my favorite books forever. And it does so well with the straight guy kind of crushing on a gay girl but they don't end up together because she's gay.


@Lisa: Yes! I've got Rats Saw God on deck to revisit soon, and I remember liking his other stuff so much, too. I should go back to Nancy Werlin as well.

@Liviania: Agreed! And I like how Diana is pretty immediately understanding of John's feelings about Marisol -- that she'd been through something similar kind of immediately "normalizes" it: reassures John (and the reader) that These Things Happen.

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