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07 January 2014


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Brian F.

Have you read his book CLAY? It's my fave of his. I worship Almond.


I read it back when it first came out, but re-reading this one definitely made me want to go on an Almond binge. He's amazing.


SKELLIG took me like that the first time I read it - I was a total mess on a quiet afternoon in a tiny library and could neither stop sniffling or explain what was up. "Feelings" is a good way to put it. It just rips off the top of your head.


Did you know there was a movie made of Skellig? With Kelly Macdonald, Tim Roth and John Simm. It was good - didn't mangle the story, like so many other book adaptations, kept to the storyline well.

Also did you now Kelly Macdonald - lucky woman! - has been married to John Simm, David Tennant and Colin Firth. (In 3 lovely movies that didn't really take off. Skellig, Decoy Bride and Nanny McPhee.)

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