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08 January 2014


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Jen Robinson

I'm reading it now. It's pretty good. I probably won't review, though, because it's already everywhere...


Right? That's pretty much why I haven't gotten around to it yet. :)

Jennifer in GA

I really enjoyed it, but I think Fangirl is better. As a rule I don't like to box in books, but E&P really is an issue book. (A great issue book, to be sure, but an issue book nonetheless.)


I can't imagine that it will go that far, but I read and loved and rooted for The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks when it made the TOB and The Fault in Our Stars last year. I believe that Eleanor and Park is a great choice and I look forward to seeing how far it makes it in the competition.

Ms. Characterized

I didn't want to enjoy it, simply to be contrarian (or curmudgeonly?). But I read it. And I loved it. I liked Fangirl, but I was not nearly as emotionally invested in it.

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