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11 March 2014


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I haven't read either of these titles, but I clicked through to take a look at some of the drama, and geez Louise. I am aware that there's a careful line to tread between interacting with your audience and maintaining some professional distance, but this was hardly a case of an author jumping all over someone for a negative review. If I wrote a book and someone posted a completely incorrect interpretation, and that incorrect posting was subsequently followed by a stream of, "Well, I will never read THAT book, that author is clearly such a terrible person," I think that I, too, would be hard-pressed not to respond. And it's too bad it ends up being such a lose-lose for the author, since people immediately got all bent out of shape about her entering into the conversation.

Ugh, be nicer, people of the internet. I think there's a big difference between trying to squash a negative review and correcting wrong information!


Oh, man, that makes me feel so much better! As I was reading through it, I was wondering if somehow there was some nuance I was missing! Ag.

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