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05 March 2014


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Glad to see you're still around! I do love the little conversation snippets between you & the hubby you occasionally throw in. They often remind me very much of the kind of conversations I have at my house... :) Hope your week is going well.


Glad you're back. Buy the light box or whatever gets you through. And I totally read "Gnomoria" as "Ginormia" and was really confused when there was nothing ginormous about it. Oh, gnomes! I get it! NOME-oria.

(I'm in a headcold funk)


Thanks, you two. Glad to be back!

L. E. Carmichael

Hooray, you're back! And WHAT is with this winter, anyway? It has been much more wintery in Nova Scotia than winter has a right to be in these parts (this is why I left ALBERTA, for goodness' sake) and I'm with you on wanting it to end.


Full-spectrum lamps are good. I'm telling you. I have a dawn lamp, and now I can get up in the morning.


I'm so glad you're back! I've been missing your posts quite a bit this year.

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