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17 April 2014


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Maureen E

YES! Frances Hardinge is THE BEST, and everyone should read her! I've heard her new one, Cuckoo Song, is even more amazing.


Keep your eyes peeled, then: I'm going to try to put together a Frances Hardinge Appreciation Week or some such.


I'm ready.

Maureen E

I will definitely keep my eye out. Yaaaay.


Hardinge week! So excited. I remember swooning all over the Monkey when FBN came out and trying to sell it to ALL THE PEOPLE. I remember finding though that she might be too good for wide popular support-- kind of like Aiken or DWJ. Still have to read Gullstruck Island. And am anxiously awaiting delivery of Cuckoo Song.

Ana @ things mean a lot

This is the best post <3 <3 <3


SHE IS SO FAB. A Face Like Glass STILL has not been published in the US yet. WHY??

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