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17 April 2014


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In an excellent coincidence, I'm currently forcing my 11yo to fall in love with Pinkwater by reading The Last Guru aloud. (She won't read anything she doesn't already know she will like, and that is mostly dragons or Warriors. Reading aloud is my secret weapon.)

Since Lizard Music is the one I don't own, I'm bummed to see that it isn't on sale. Still, Alan Mendelsohn! Snarkout Boys! Yay!

Jenne Abramowitz

I thought i was the only person on earth who grew up loving the snarkout boys!


I discovered them post-college, but yeah. LOVE the Snarkout Boys! <3


I was very lucky. My parents owned the Snarkout Boys--the library seemed to have every book but those. I have a theory that the Baconburg Horror has at least one perfect comedic sentence on every page.

My other theory is that no kid should have to go through adolescence without Pinkwater.

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