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24 April 2014


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I love this annual list because I think it's a fascinating look into humans, and I always learn about people I've never even heard of. This year's list is fairly impressive (and wonderfully diverse, which I really appreciate), but there's a small part of me that just sort of sighs in exasperation when I see Green on another list.

I'm sure he's a really nice man and there's no doubt that he's influential, but I just feel like it's enough already. Although that's probably my own personal bias.


I think that with the never-ending barrage of publicity surrounding him and all of his various ventures, a lot of people are feeling a bit of Green Overload. (Which isn't his fault, and isn't to suggest that he isn't an extremely positive presence in the YA world, etc., etc., etc.)


I certainly am. I am probably too old or something, because I just don't care about John Green. His vlog thingies annoy me. I skimmed through Fault in Our Stars and didn't care (took it home for my 13yo, who read it twice in one day and was a soggy mess for at least 24 hours after that).

Get off my lawn! or something.


Oh, for sure it's the never-ending assault. But also, "prophet"?


Yeah, I raised my eyebrows at "prophet" as well. It's a pretty loaded term, to say the least. :P

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