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06 May 2014


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Yeah, looks like the widget only works for Spotify members.

But anyway, LOVE this song. I feel like every reader has had these thoughts at some point another, about Anna or any other book. Nice find!

nikki @bookpunks

HOLY YES. I love her. Coincidentally enough, I just featured her on my science fiction mix tape series, with two songs that are basically little SFF short stories. And have you heard The Lonesomest Dove on the F Train? Also about books. She apparently used to be in a book song club where a bunch of musicians would read the same book and then each write a song about it for the club. How frickin cool is that? Anyway, this is that post I mentioned if you are interested: http://www.bookpunks.com/science-fiction-mix-tape-day-basement-flooded-frankenstein-phoebe-kreutz/

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