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06 October 2004


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This Book was so bad!! It jumped from place to place and I couldn't keep up with the story. I would never reccomend this book to any of my friends I'm shure like me all my friends woul'd HATE it!!

THIS BOOK WAS HORRABLE!! EWWWW.... Never in my life would I reccomend this book to enyone. Plus the drawings were so bad. A 4 year old kid could do better than that. I also don't get this frog thing In every photo this frog shows up.We haven't even got half through the book and already I hate it. And after we read a chapter we have to do all these activies and i get so confused . this book is redickulus I would not reccomend this book to anyone. It also jumps from place to place wich makes it more confusing. and what kind of a name is Chassing Vermeer??
Also what are pentomanoes I don't get this whole shapes that look like letters. Then that brings us to that whole code thing... It is a wast of time doing these activitys and reading this book. Ya c We are reading this book in class togeter me and my friends are not even listening! But we still Know what the book is about.I could go on for hours telling u what is wrong with this book If anyone dissagrees with me they should post a comment on this website. I have been so sick of reading this book i am about ready to fall asleep ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...Why out of all these books It hade to be the most boringest book.The chartors are really ugly. That petra person is so ugly and weird and coldar is so weird looking. Who has the name coldar??If I hear anymore of this stupid book I would burst.If I was to rate this book out of 1-100000 I would choose 0. Remember If someone dissagrees with me i will check back in a week to see what you said. Chow chow**

Hi to all my friends Brooke and taylor from the one who hates Josh


i loved this book

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