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08 November 2004


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hi my name is caitlin and i am reading your book on the jellicoe road for a grade 10 school project, i was wonderign if you could give me some information about what made you want to read this beek, if there was an elimint of truth to it or not. and if you think that one of the underlying themes in the beek if grief, it would be great to hear back from you
yours truely

Melina Marchetta

Hi Caitlin
To begin with I don't think I write with a theme in mind, but yes I do think grief is one of them. Probably more than anything it's how people deal with grief in a different way. I think most of the main characters experience it in some way and some survive it although it takes something away from them (like Hannah and the Brigadier) others deal with it with optimism (Webb and Jessa McKenzie) and others fall apart (TAte). I think Taylor is somewhere in between but she inherits a lot from Webb and Narnie in the end.
Hope this helps.
Melina marchetta

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