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07 March 2005


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Um... This is a frightening transformation. I can't imagine what that book could possibly say that could make TLD less creepy. In fact, I could easily see the story behind the bear spanking the bare doll bottom becoming more creepy with explanation. Damn you for making me want to read a book about the creepy lonely doll!!


I second Lauren. I am disturbed, but also intrigued. Don't go reading any biographies on G .P. Taylor.


I'm telling you, just read it. If nothing else, it'll make The Lonely Doll into a sad book for you. How's this for depressing? To some extent, it looks like Dare Wright would've liked her childhood to be more like The Lonely Doll.

Her mom SUCKED.

Don't worry, Chrissy, I will never, ever read anything about G. P. Taylor. Ever.


even if The Creepy Doll is an escape fantasy, that doesn't change the fact that it has a freaking bear spanking a freaking doll. and that every awful cambridge customer that came in looking for it was obviously disturbed in a serious way. And, frankly, I'm worried that the Lonely Doll has worked its evil power on you. Its hold is strong, but you must resist.


also, why does everything have a secret life these days?


Oh, don't get me wrong. The spanking is creepy. To add to the creep-osity, the spanking is in all of the 15 or so Lonely Doll books. I'm telling you, though, after you read the bio, it all makes sense. DO IT. Just read the darned book.

Also, note that the horrible Cambridgians liked the book on its own merit, not because of the backstory. By itself, the book is creepy. With DW's background story, it's sad.

And I don't want to hear any Arthur/DW jokes.

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