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30 March 2005


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It sounds like a really great book. I personally am into the whole body-snatching idea rather than gory details, but I'm sure I could handle it as long as I wasn't eating at the same time. I'll have to pick that up.

And how is that guy planning on doing the head transplant? Is he replacing his own head, or does he want to peform the transplant on someone else? I'd go for Angelina Jolie's head, but I think I'd like the bod to go along with it.


I loved the chapter on body-snatching. So much so that I wrote down the titles of her sources so I can read them, too.

He wants to do the transplant on someone else. Problem is, the operation would only be useful for people that were already quadriplegics, since a head transplant would sever all of the spinal nerves. So if a really rich quadriplegic wanted a new body, it would be useful. Other than that? Not so much.

That chapter also outlined a bunch of experiments that involved grafting multiple dog heads onto one body. It was gross.


ahhh! i have to read this!!!!!! you are killing me (pun slightly intended).

I think I can finish up Housekeeping today. Must...stop....at....bookstore...on....way...home...

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