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08 June 2005


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This entire series has made it onto my town's summer reading list for grade 7. I feel like they were a bit 'racey', but I don't remember (waiting for someone to yell about them). And I can't bring myself to read them. The first one seemed like a cute cinderella story, but I'm not sure why it needed sequels. Again, haven't read them so I don't really know. Thoughts?


I think that this one is the first one where Mia thinks about having sex--it gets discussed (not in detail) in an earlier book when her mom gets knocked up by Mia's math teacher. I'd say that they're for a slightly younger audience than the Rennison books. I really enjoyed the first few--maybe even as far as the fourth one--but it's wearing really, really thin at this point. The best moment in the book was when she had a brief (albeit mild) rant about the movies that were "based on her life".


Ditto on all of that. I'll keep reading them, sure, but there's better options, if only I could find them or get to them.

i hate emo kids

i kind of think that meg cabot should have quit while she was ahead and stopped after mia and michael got together... after that it just all became the same and all she does is whine

leile-- write me about father's day

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