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06 June 2005


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I know, I know. It's a good thing for everyone. And if you don't already have a copy, it's really ok to get one that says oprah on it. But I'm also really glad that I've already got copies of these floating around. (There's just something tacky about being a lit major and having anybody's reading club sticker on the cover)

maybe it's an excuse to go find a good local used book store.


I once tried to read As I Lay Dying. I was probably ten. It was my dad's copy, and I was trying to figure out how anyone could write a book as they lay dying. I never did figure it out, because I was ten, as I mentioned, and I got bored. I did have this neat-o book that I liked to read, something huge and printed on onion skin paper that weighed about twenty pounds, and it purported to be "a world anthology of children's literature." My mother must have taken pity on me when she saw me with the Faulkner. Anyhow, it had cool fairy tales from Poland and the fun bits from Kipling, like Riki Tiki Tavi.

I never did try to tackle Faulkner again.


I love him, but he takes major work. Sound and the Fury especially--it's really, really rough going at first, but then all of the puzzle pieces start fitting together and it's so totally worth it. Light in August isn't hard, though. I haven't read As I Lay Dying.

Did you zap your blog?


my take on Faulkner (or at least on things like S and the F, and Absalom, Absalom!) is that no one enjoys reading it the first time because it's too disorienting and takes too much just to read it with any sort of understanding. But once you know the plot in chronological order, then you can read it the way it's written and enjoy it.


That's fair. One of my college profs said that Faulkner originally wanted Sound and the Fury printed in different colors, so the reader'd be able to tell what storyline they were reading. The publisher said no, due to money. But Faulkner wanted to make it easier on readers.


I changed the URL. I'll send you the link.

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