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06 June 2005


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I think it's a great idea! Just think of the increase in patron traffic! And if they come into oggle, they'll stay to check out books. Also, you could get tips and put them towards aquisitions. I bet you all could bring in atleast $700 for one night.

(This being said by the girl who is considering exotic dancing if she doesn't get the job at B&N. Wish I were kidding.)


Hahaha, that's so great.


I've seen most librarians. No offense meant, but setup a larger jar for "Donations so we never do this again". You could build a new library.



My library director says that she's never met a guy that would turn down free boobs.

God, I hope that she's not considering it.


Your library has a suggestion box? Wow. I wonder if my local library does. Of course, my suggestion would be to be FRIGGIN' OPEN, ever, which they would have to already be, for me to plant the suggestion in the appropriate box.

And Chrissy, the space between B&N and exotic dancing is wide. I'm not knocking either, but I'm sure we can find you a better option somehow.


A better option where I am? *raises eyebrow skeptically* I had already thought going back to retail was a good idea. RETAIL.

Besides, in a strip club, ornery customers get kicked out by bouncers. That has appeal.


Do you ever watch Law & Order? Movies? Strip clubs are where MURDERS happen and suspects are questioned. You could work at Olde Sturbridge Village and bilk fourth graders out of their hard saved $24 for a box of terrible mint chocolate triangles (how olde fashioned is that, I ask you...) You could become the Queen of Spag's! I'll find you something good. I'm not opposed to exotic dancing, just the patrons and the stereotypes.

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