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12 July 2005


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The changing face of NY IS a really great part of these books: especially since from B's perspective nothing really changes at all. He's very (nonspecifically) sarcastic about Guiliani "cleaning up" the city.

Pansy. LOVE Pansy. Gabe got me a t-shirt that says "I finished three bowls at Mama's." It rules.


I suspected that that might be the case--I couldn't really imagine Burke being very positive about the "new" Times Square, etc.

I can imagine the t-shirt. Way cool.

What have you read lately? Anything I shouldn't miss?


Nothing new, I'm in NY again, which means (for some reason) I only read the Victorians, so far it's the Mill on the Floss, Oliver Twist, Poor Miss Finch and some Joseph Conrad (along with whatever crap I can pick up at the used bookstore-nothing notable). Armadale is next I think, oh Wilkie Collins, how do I love thee?
Oh, and have you realized that the gypsy baby in The Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris is HEATHCLIFF? From Wuthering Heights???


Aww, you guys!! Heathcliff is a cartoon cat! Not a gypsy baby!

CC, if you want to get a milkshake someday or something more sinister, backchannel me.


If there ever comes I time when I get more that 4 hours of sleep in a given 24 hour period AND do not have a cold (sick again goddamn it) I will (maybe). But possibly not since I'm having such a hard time simply getting out of bed to go to work.



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