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01 July 2005


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Ha! I guess I won't be reading it.


Or at least wait a year or so. Then the others won't be as fresh in your memory. Maybe.


Yay! I love that you hated Stargirl too!
Personally, I want to spit on the whole subgenre of "Those girls that dress weird and don't talk to anyone? They're BAD NEWS and might KILL you, if they don't OD first" books.


I wish Stargirl was a real person so that I could shove her down a flight of stairs.


aww, i love stargirl. Its nice, different, and it really shows that people do get treated differently when they act or don't wear what everyone else does. Originality is not acccepted.


I'm reading Caught in the Act now. I really hate this Lydia character, and I'm really bugged by Ethan. God, he's got no balls.

Plus, what 'mental instability' does she have?

"Hey, I know. Have you ever had phone sex?" Hello. His girlfriend was right there. That homewrecker!


I thimk Caught in the act was a great book! I dont read a lot of books like those Soooo I thought it was original. But honestly Ldyia pisses me off and should go jump off a cliff and as for Ethan, He needs to gets some guts and be a man for christ's sake!! He acts like a lying, timid mouse!!

Maria Garza

What was the name of Lydia's disease in the book?

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